Do you accept insurance?

Fresh Perspectives Counseling, LLC is not currently in contract with any insurance companies. Privately paying for therapy services creates greater opportunities for therapy to fit your individual needs without rigid guidelines and restrictions from the insurance company.

What are your rates?

Standard 52 minute sessions are $150. I offer a limited number of sessions at a reduced rate for those who qualify. Payments may be made with most major credit cards, HSA cards, and out of network benefits for insurances that allow.

What Happens Before the First Appointment?

Because the therapeutic relationship is key to successful therapy, I offer a free short consultation to discuss your needs prior to booking an intake session.

What is the first session like?

The first session is built to gather information and to build rapport. Gathering information helps build the therapeutic relationship and gain a better understanding of your current and previous challenges.

How can counseling be helpful?

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or just life's challenges, counseling can be an effective tool in understanding yourself and creating positive change, which results in finding more balance in your life. Effective counseling begins with a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship and the ability to tell your story honestly and without judgement or criticism.

What are the benefits of online therapy?

Online therapy has many advantages and is proven to be just as effective and efficient as face-to-face counseling. Some of the benefits of using online therapy include added privacy, flexibility with scheduling, increased accessibility, and improved comfortability. All video therapy and phone calls are provided through a HIPAA compliant platform and all paperwork is exchanged through a secure patient-portal.