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Trauma-Informed Care

Safety, Trust, Understanding, and Empowerment

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Trauma is most easily defined as an event or experience that causes distress to your body. Trauma is not experienced the same by everyone, therefore should not be minimized by others or ourselves. It is common to dismiss symptoms of trauma and blame these challenges on something else.

Often times after trauma, people experience disturbing and disruptive memories, difficulty in managing emotions, and negative perceptions of themselves or the world. Those who have survived trauma may have difficulty feeling safe and having healthy and fulfilling relationships with others. 

With trauma-informed care, it is important to have a safe environment and build a trusting relationship. The counselor provides support and education to help you better understand trauma and explore the ways it has adversely impacted your life. Through therapy, the Counselor instills hope and encourages positive change while allowing you to be in control of your journey. 

Trauma-Informed: About Me
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